Training & Resources

Workshops for Faculty

We are currently scheduling one-on-one sessions with faculty to help you learn and better utilize the software and hardware in your classrooms. Please submit a SysAid request or email us at to request a session.
Google Forms Basics - October 9, 2015 - 11:00 am- Paul McLean
  • Create custom forms for surveys or questionnaires
  • Feed data directly into Google Spreadsheets for quick analysis

Workshops for Faculty, Staff and Students

Google Docs Graphics and Links - October 8 - 2:00 pm

  • Learn how to add and use graphics and links in your Google documents

Google Calendar Using Task Lists Basics - October 8 - 2:45 pm

  • Learn how to incorporate Google Tasks into your calendaring to keep yourself organized and prepared.

Goggle Slides Basics - October 8 - 4:30 pm or October 20 - 1:00 pm <<NO PRIOR GOOGLE EXPERIENCE NECESSARY>>

  • Need to create a group presentation and can't seem to get all the players together in one place at one time? Google Slides is your answer. Come learn how to create and share your presentation, use chats and comments and many more features.

PowerPoint Basics - October 15 - 11:00 am or October 22 - 9:00 am <<NO PRIOR EXPERIENCE NECESSARY>>

  • Learn to create a basic slide presentation using Microsoft Power Point.
  • Learn to add pictures and video clips as well as some basic transitions.

Google Docs Basics - October 12 - 10:00 am or 3:00 pm   <<NO PRIOR GOOGLE EXPERIENCE NECESSARY>>

  • Learn to create to create and edit documents that you can access from anywhere you have internet
  • Convert MS Office Word documents to Google Docs and convert a Google Doc to MS Office Word
  • Use revision history to pull up various versions of your document
  • Insert and image or link
  • Set you page number, change your line spacing and format your text
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