Student Guide to Brightspace

Frequently Asked Questions

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To view only courses for the current semester, scroll down to the My Courses widget, then click on the tab for the current semester. For example: 22FA - Fall 2022 shows only the fall 2022 courses.


The tab in My Courses named All will show all of your courses from all semesters. This will include any Brightspace course shells that are not courses, such as clubs and organizations.



Students will see their courses listed in Brightspace when each faculty member has made their course active. Courses are made active based on the instructional mode for each course.

  • Students in fully online (ON) courses will be able to preview their courses one week before the official course start date. If you do not see one of your "ON" courses yet: please be patient, your professor is finalizing your course in this new digital learning environment (DLE) and it will be available to you shortly.

  • Traditional face-to-face courses (TR) that supplement in person teaching and learning with online resources will be available in Brightspace by the first course meeting, if the professor chooses to use Brightspace. Your professor will let you know if and how they plan to use Brightspace when classes officially begin meeting face-to-face.

  • Courses in other instructional modes such as remote synchronous (RS), hybrid (HY), remote online (RO), flexible (FL), and flexible synchronous courses (FS) will have their online resources available in Brightspace after the semester officially begins.

Please contact your instructor if you do not see your course shell in Brightspace once the semester has begun.


The instructional mode would have been indicated when you registered for the course. The instructional mode is indicated by a two-letter campus code in the title of your course in Brightspace. You can see a list of all of the course instructional modes in the College Catalog.


Students currently have access to courses from the previous semester for 60 days after the official course end date listed in Banner. Once your access to courses from a past semester ends, you will still see the courses but they will be marked Closed in the My Courses widget. 

Note: students who received a grade of incomplete in Banner will have extended access to the course in Brightspace until the date agreed upon with their instructor.

Currently Brightspace lists a code in the course title that includes the academic year and semester. This means that Spring 2023 courses start with “22SP” in course title and “2022SP” course code. This code also appears in the My Courses tab for the Spring 2023 semester, as well as in the course code..

We know this may be confusing to some students and faculty. We are working on changing the date code so that it is easier to understand in the future. We'll post an update when we are able to make that change.