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Register online for our Winter & Spring 2021 Continuing Education programs by using our Non-Credit Course Registration Request Form.

Many of the these non-credit courses will be held either completely or partially online. These classes are generally held through Zoom, though some use other online platforms, such as Blackboard or Google Classroom. To be successful with these courses, students should have basic computer skills and a familiarity with using the Internet. Some courses require regular logins, and others are self-paced. The course description will indicate which type of online course it is and which online platform(s) will be used.


Creating Stained Glass Weekend (currently full; waitlisted)
April 24 and 25
Saturday & Sunday | 8am to 12pm | Queensbury Campus
Learn the art of creating stained glass objects. Experience cutting glass to fit a pattern, grinding, foiling and soldering the pieces. Students will have the opportunity to create two unique stained glass pieces. All levels are welcome. Please note: No refunds will be issued for materials fees after Friday, April 16. Students should wear closed-toe shoes to class.
Instructor: Claire Griffith
Price: $107 (Course price includes a $20 materials fee.)
CRN: 20263
Introduction to Drawing
March 25 to April 22
Thursdays | 6 to 8pm | Remote via Zoom
If you love to sketch or would like to learn, this course is perfect for you! Explore the expressive possibilities of drawing, including the basic elements of sketching and drawing such as lines, space and perspective. Discover the secrets of shading solid forms and learn the language of drawing and how to convey your ideas. Participants must provide their own charcoals, pencils, an eraser, 11-by-14-inch sketchbook and masking tape.
Instructor: Valeria Orozco
Price: $59
CRN: 20264


SUNY Adirondack is proud to offer Adobe certification exam services! Whether you’re a student or a professional, Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) certifications can give you the edge you need on your resume by adding an industry-recognized credential. Exams currently offered include:
  • Visual Communication using Adobe Photoshop®
  • Video Communication using Adobe Premiere® Pro
  • Graphic Design & Illustration using Adobe Illustrator®
  • Print & Digital Media Publication using Adobe InDesign®
  • Visual Effects & Motion Graphics using Adobe After Effects®
  • Multiplatform Animation using Adobe Animate CC®
Contact the Office of Continuing Education at 518.743.2238 or to schedule a certification exam and to find out more information about options and pricing. Please plan to discuss the exam(s) in which you are interested, the software you’re using, your timeframe for taking the exam(s) and whether you have a voucher for the exam(s).
Interested in online courses in Adobe, Excel and other software?

View SUNY Adirondack Ed2Go courses at, and search on-demand courses by title, topic, dates available or version.

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5-Hour Pre-Licensing Course

Mondays | 5 to 10pm | Remote via Zoom

  • May 10 - CRN: 20291
  • June 14 - CRN: 70001
  • July 12 - CRN: 70002
  • July 26 - CRN: 70003
  • August 9 - CRN: 70004
  • August 23 - CRN: 70005
This five-hour pre-licensing course is required by the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles for all applicants who want to take a road test for a driver’s license. A MV-278 completion certificate needed for road test appointments will be issued at the conclusion of this class. Please note: A New York State Learner’s Permit (photo ID) is required.
Preregistration is required through Continuing Education. Please go to to preregister for the 5-Hour Course. Students should arrive 10 minutes early. Class starts promptly at the scheduled time. Students must have their cameras on at all times during the course; the instructor must be able to see each student to confirm attendance for the duration of the class.
Instructor: Bell’s Driving School
Price: $55


Interval Training with Strength Conditioning NEW!

Morning Sessions
Mondays & Wednesdays | 6 to 6:30am | Remote via Zoom
  • Morning Session 3: April 19 to May 19 - CRN 20307
Evening Sessions
Mondays & Wednesdays | 5:30 to 6pm | Remote via Zoom
  • Evening Session 2: March 15 to April 14 - CRN 20324
  • Evening Session 3: April 19 to May 19 - CRN 20325
Get results fast. Intervals will have you working hard for 30 seconds at a time to make the most of your time. We will incorporate body-weight resistance and the use of hand weights (5 to 15 lbs.). Build strength and endurance with this total-body workout. A generous stretch at the end of the workout will leave you feeling recharged and relaxed.
This class is free for most members of BlueShield of Northeastern New York (BSNENY) insurance. BSNENY members, please register at All others must register directly with SUNY Adirondack Continuing Education.
Instructor: Leigh-Anne Rockower, Fitness Professionals on Demand
Price: $80 per session



Cooking with International Flavors
March 4, April 29 and May 6
Thursdays | 6 to 7pm | Remote via Zoom
Join Durga Om (Tobey Gifford), director and teacher at the Lemon Tree Yoga Studio, as she shares her travel experiences and takes you on an international journey each month to learn about the wonderful flavors of the world. She will demonstrate how to make easy and delicious food, cooking with international flavors from Costa Rica, Thailand and India. This course will awaken your senses and introduce you to new options for flavorful meals at home.
Instructor: Tobey Gifford
Price: $35
CRN: 20280


Beginner Cookie Decorating: Mother's Day Cookies
May 8
Saturday | 10am to 12:30pm | Northwest Bay Conference Center, Adirondack Hall, Queensbury Campus
If you’ve never worked with royal icing or have dabbled just a little, this class will help you get started. After a brief discussion on the basics and tips and tricks of baking cookies, learn hands-on how to create five different cookie designs, step by step. Then, take them home with you along with recipes for icing and sugar cookies, a decorating tool, a cookie cutter and a packet of seasonal sprinkles and/or cookie decorations. You’ll also learn where to find further information online (tutorials, instructional blogs, recipes and vendors/suppliers) if you’d like to take your new skills to the next level. Leave with inspiration and even more enjoyment of the art of cookie decorating! These courses are open to students ages 12 and older; students younger than 17 are welcome with a parent or guardian.
Please note: No refunds will be issued after April 29.
Instructor: Cindy Burek, Buttercup Cookie
Price: $65
CRN: 20283
Basic Food Preservation
May 8
Saturday | 10am to 12pm | Remote via Zoom
Learn the basics of food preservation! In this class, participants will learn about food preservation safety skills (a must when preserving food), and how to safely make refrigerator salsa fresca, refrigerator pickles, jerky and jam.
Instructor: Marybeth Mitcham, Cornell Cooperative Extension of Warren County
Price: $19
CRN: 20279

Continuing Education is pleased to present “Friday Freebies,” a series of online, no-cost, half-hour courses offered through Zoom for fun and personal enrichment.

April 30, from 2 to 2:30pm – General Aviation: Its History and Impact
Instructor: Miriam Enman
General aviation, or civil aviation, has a rich history and provides a wealth of non-commercial aviation activities. From private transport and aerial work to flying clubs and flight training, general aviation continues to impact our society in many ways. Join us for a look at the numerous opportunities that general aviation offers to individuals of all ages.
Attendance is limited; preregistration is required online HERE, through Zoom. After preregistering, you will receive an email from Zoom with the link to this session. 

An Ayurvedic Guide to Healthy Living
April 19
Monday | 6 to 8pm | Remote via Zoom
Ayurveda, a 5,000-year-old science of medicine from India, offers a natural way to achieve wellness and joy. According to its principles, each of us has a unique constitution governed by our physical and emotional makeup, as well as our lifestyle—the foods we eat, what time we go to sleep, etc. Balancing your constitution can alleviate health issues such as stress, weight gain, headaches, inflammation, insomnia, bloating, digestion and more. You will be introduced to this tried-and-true wisdom that offers a way to learn more about yourself and your personal needs, as well as the tips and tools necessary to help you manage your own health. Please note the information provided in this course is for an information resource only and is not a substitute for diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or healthcare provider.
Instructor: Linda Tipke, Adirondack Ayurveda
Price: $19
CRN: 20292
Ayurveda for a Good Night’s Sleep NEW!
May 13
Thursday | 6 to 8pm | Remote via Zoom
In the Ayurvedic tradition, sleep is one of the three pillars of health. Proper rest and rejuvenation are essential for our physical and mental health. Ayurveda describes troubled sleep as being attributed to imbalances in our doshas (biological energies) and other factors. This course offers background information on the doshas, identifying the ones behind the disturbances, daily practices, lifestyle suggestions and supportive herbs. If you are interested in learning tools helpful in resetting your sleep clock, join this course to discuss sleep according to the ancient science of Ayurveda. Please note the information provided in this course is for an information resource only and is not a substitute for diagnosis or treatment by a doctor or healthcare provider.
Instructor: Linda Tipke, Adirondack Ayurveda
Price: $19
CRN: 20293

Treasure or Trash
April 29
Thursday | 6:30 to 8pm | Remote via Zoom
Local sponsor of “Antiques Roadshow” since 1997, Mark Lawson has been buying, selling, appraising and auctioning antiques, fine art, estate jewelry, coins, silver and rare collectibles full time in the Capital Region since 1990. Join Mark for a fun and informative evening learning about the current marketplace and discover what your “stuff” is worth.
Registered participants have the option of emailing a quality image to Continuing Education before Monday, April 27, to ensure inclusion for evaluation and discussion. Learn several different ways to sell your treasures in the current marketplace. Have items to sell? Mark has helped thousands of families and can help you chart a course forward.
Instructor: Mark Lawson, Mark Lawson Antiques
Price: $25
CRN: 20276
Witches, Witchcraft & Wicca
April 21 and 28
Wednesdays | 6:30 to 8:30pm | Remote via Zoom
This course offers an examination of witches and witchcraft through the centuries. The class will discuss: What is your image of a witch — benevolent or malevolent? What factors led to thousands of witches being put to death during the “Burning Times” (1300-1700 CE)? Did they deserve the death penalty, and was the church or the state responsible? What really triggered the Salem witch trials in 1692? Is Wicca a resurgent form of traditional mysticism? Are all Wiccans witches, and vice-versa? Learn about the difference between religion and spirituality, as well as how and where Wicca originated. Find out whether Wiccans celebrate holidays and what they really believe. Handouts will be included, as well as a lively discussion. The course will conclude with a question-and-answer session with a modern, practicing Wiccan/witch.
Instructor: Louis Mondor
Price: $25
CRN: 20275

Floral Design NEW!
May 4
Tuesday | 6 to 8pm | Queensbury Campus
Enjoy the art of floral design. First, we will discuss floral design methods including elements and principles of design, materials used when designing, choosing colors and more. Then, you will learn how to make a floral arrangement. Please note: Registration for this class closes April 26 to ensure timely receipt of course materials. No refunds will be issued for materials fees after April 26.
Instructor: Jessica Holmes, Cornell Cooperative Extension, Warren County
Price: $49 (Course price includes a $30 materials fee.)
CRN: 20311
Home Composting
May 22
Saturday | 10am to 12pm | Remote via Zoom
Turning kitchen scraps and yard trimmings into “brown gold” to fertilize your lawn, garden or houseplants is easy. This class will teach you everything you need to know to start making nutrient-rich compost at home. We will examine different types of composting systems, identify the proper ingredients to go into your compost, learn how to care for a compost pile to speed its progress and prevent odors and discuss how to use your finished compost.
Instructor: Dr. Timothy Scherbatskoy, SUNY Adirondack
Price: $19
CRN: 20277


Haunted Tour & Chocolate Making
Barkeater Chocolates Factory, North Creek
  • Wednesday, April 14, from 1 to 3pm - CRN: 20295
  • Saturday, April 17, from 9 to 11am - CRN: 20296
  • Wednesday, May 12, from 1 to 3pm - CRN: 20297 (currently full; waitlisted)
  • Saturday, May 15, from 9 to 11am - CRN: 20298
This single, two-hour session focuses on our haunted history and finishes off with a sweet, hands-on demo experience. While we will cover real-life unexplained events and sometimes mysterious historical facts, the session is rated PG. Mature kids are welcome to join the group, per their guardians’ discretion. You will hear firsthand accounts of some creepy happenings combined with the sometimes mysterious, sometimes tragic history of the very old building and grounds. After we’ve covered the paranormal, we’ll do a chocolate demo in which you’ll be able to make your own chocolate ghost to enjoy on the spot or to take home.
Instructor: Debbie Morris, Barkeater Chocolates
Price: $39 (Course price includes a $25 materials fee.)
If you have any food allergies, please notify Continuing Education when registering for this course.


Northern Cross Vineyard Tour NEW! (currently full; waitlisted)
April 16
Friday | 2 to 4pm | Northern Cross Vineyard, Valley Falls
Whether you are an at-home winemaker or simply looking to grow your understanding of wine, this tour is for you. The Upper Hudson is home to a wine industry featuring cold-climate grapes. Tour the Northern Cross Vineyard and engage in a discussion on vineyard maintenance and hands-on trimming. Learn about wine grapes and winemaking, and have a tasting of authentic local wine.
Please note: Participants will be required to show valid ID in order to participate in the wine tasting portion of the tour. Participants should wear proper clothing for this activity and dress for the weather.
Instructor: Andy Weber, Owner of Northern Cross Vineyards
Price: $19 (Course price includes an $8 materials fee.)
CRN: 20301
Warren County Fish Hatchery Tour NEW!
April 24
Saturday | 10am to 12pm | Warren County Fish Hatchery, Warrensburg
This guided tour will start off at the Visitor Center, where you will learn how the hatchery operates and stocks fish, as well as view the many fish mounts and displays. Under Warren County’s program, domestic brook trout, domestic rainbow trout, wild strains of brook trout and salmon are raised here to provide improved sport fishing throughout Warren County waters. During your private tour, you will also have the opportunity to visit the Hatchery Building where the egg hatching process takes place, and observe the extensive water system that keeps the fish alive. Depending on the spring stocking schedule, your tour will continue to 11 different ponds that hold fish at different stages of their lives, including the Display Pond, where you can get a close-up view of mature trout.
Participants should wear proper clothing for this activity and dress for the weather.
Instructor: Warren County Fish Hatchery Staff
Price: $15
CRN: 20320
The “Great Ladies” of Saratoga Walking Tour (currently full; waitlisted)
May 14
Friday | 1 to 3pm | North Broadway, Saratoga Springs
See and hear about the Victorian houses (originally named “Great Ladies”) on North Broadway in Saratoga. The tour includes stories about the man who was so angry at the city he turned his back on it, the son who took his mother’s jewels from her safety deposit box and what he did with them, the man who won three Academy Awards, the competition between two shirt manufacturers and “The Million Dollar House.” Discover these fascinating historical tales, all while gazing upon the beautiful mansions they each called home with your guide, Dr. Hollis Palmer, local author and Victorian historian.
The tour begins and ends at 563 N. Broadway in Saratoga Springs. Participants should wear proper clothing for this activity and dress for the weather. Please note: No refunds will be issued for materials fees after Friday, May 7.
Instructor: Dr. Hollis Palmer, Derby Tours
Price: $25 (Course price includes a $15 materials fee.)
CRN: 20302
Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport Tour
May 1
Saturday | 1:30 to 3:30pm | Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport, Queensbury
Join Miriam Enman, with her vast knowledge and enthusiasm for aviation, on a tour of the Floyd Bennett Memorial Airport in Warren County. Learn the history of the airport and its role in the community — past, present and future. Your guided tour will also include the airport grounds, facilities, terminal building, ramp, hangars and tie-down areas. An overview of the types of aircraft serviced and based at the airport will also be included as part of the tour.
Participants should wear proper clothing for this activity and dress for the weather.
Instructor: Miriam Enman
Price: $19
CRN: 20299
Salem Art Works Cary Hill Sculpture Park Tour NEW!
May 19
Wednesday | 1 to 3pm | Salem Art Works, Salem, NY
Participants will get a tour of the Salem Art Works (SAW) property and sculpture park. They will learn about the history of SAW and park sculptures. The top of the park has 360-degree views and five miles of walking trails. There are picnic tables where you can eat if you bring a bag lunch. The group can break out to do a self-guided tour afterward to wander the property.
Terrain varies in the Sculpture Park, so please bring comfortable walking shoes and a bottle of water. Participants should wear proper clothing for this activity and dress for the weather.
Instructor: Jenny Hillenbrand, Salem Art Works
Price: $19
CRN: 20303

Back for its 18th season, the motorcycle program at SUNY Adirondack offers weekend and mid-week classes that run April through October. All registrations for motorcycle classes are done online. Log onto, or call Margie at 518.668.5589 for more information. Motorcycle classes are taught by the experienced RiderCoaches at Adirondacks and Beyond Motorcycle Safety, LLC.
Basic RiderCourse (BRC I for License Waiver)
This course is for students 16 years of age or older. The Basic RiderCourse is for entry-level riders and for returning riders whose skills are a bit rusty. Learn the basics of motorcycle operation with patient, professional RiderCoaches. Motorcycles are provided, and helmets are available if needed. This class has an online E-Course component, plus classroom and riding components. Successful completion of this class entitles the student to a NYS motorcycle road test waiver — meaning no DMV riding test is required.
NYS licensed drivers who successfully complete this course do not have to take the motorcycle road test at the DMV. Active military or those from out of state need only their military ID or state of residence driver’s license. A valid Driver’s License is required to take this course. Students have the option of obtaining their NYS motorcycle learner’s permit before coming to class or after they have completed the course. Students should be able to ride a bicycle.
Price: $310
Basic RiderCourse II (BRC II for License Waiver)
A one-day course for those riders who have experience and/or have been riding for years on a learner’s permit; this is NOT a course for beginners. Students are expected to be able to adequately control a motorcycle in a safe manner conducive to legal, street riding. Completion of an online E-Course component is required before the classroom and riding component. Successful completion of the E-Course and the riding skills test earns a Course Completion Card, which acts as a road test waiver at the DMV. It’s a great way to finally get licensed!
NYS licensed drivers who successfully complete this course do not have to take the motorcycle road test at the DMV. Active military or those from out of state need only their military ID or state of residence driver’s license. Students must be 18 years of age or older, with a valid NYS driver’s license and a NYS Motorcycle Permit. Students must bring and use their own street-legal motorcycles for this class.
Price: $260

Brown Bag Lecture Series
March 30 to April 20
Tuesdays | 11:30am to 12:30pm | Remote via Zoom
SUNY Adirondack Continuing Education is pleased to present the Brown Bag Lecture Series. The lectures will be presented through Zoom by a combination of SUNY Adirondack distinguished faculty members and local experts. Each 45-minute lecture is followed by a 15-minute question-and-answer period. Grab your favorite lunch, and then sit back and enjoy the presentations from the comfort of your own home.
  • March 30 — Value of the Arts, by Diane Bargiel, Humanities Division Chair and Associate Professor of Music at SUNY Adirondack
  • April 6 — The Gangsters of Saratoga: The True History of Gambling, Crime & the Mafia in the Spa City, by Gregory Veitch, author and retired Saratoga Springs Chief of Police and adjunct faculty of Criminal Justice at SUNY Adirondack
  • April 13 — Between Two Waters and Many Worlds: A (Re)Introduction to Fort Ticonderoga, by Matthew Keagle, Ph.D, Curator at Fort Ticonderoga
  • April 20 — Adirondack Geology: A Focus on the Lake George Region, by Rick Landry, Naturalist at Up Yonda Farm Environmental Education Center
Price: $25
CRN: 20278



  • Ed2go Courses for Personal Enrichment or Workforce Development: Through an online learning platform called Ed2go, the Office of Continuing Education offers a wealth of quick and convenient non-credit personal enrichment and workforce development courses. Subjects include accounting, business, computer applications, healthcare, foreign language, creative writing and more. A full listing of these Ed2go courses can be found at
  • Ed2go Online Certificate Programs: Non-credit, online career training certificate programs offered through Ed2go will help you prepare for industry certification, start a new career or develop skills to expand your study in a credit-bearing academic program. These programs allow a student to start anytime and are generally completed within six months to one year with in-depth study. All learning materials are provided. Personal instructor assistance is provided along with a certificate of completion with a passing grade. Please see for a full listing of online certificate programs offered through Ed2go.


UGotClass Online Certificates & Courses
SUNY Adirondack Continuing Education has partnered with the Learning Resources Network (LERN) to offer several other online professional development certificates and courses. Learn about negotiation, data analysis, digital marketing, video marketing or social media for business. Learn more information about UGotClass here.


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New & Emerging Supervisors & Managers Series: Supporting Growth and Performance NEW!
April 20
Tuesday | 8 to 9am | Remote via Zoom
Learn simple and effective tools to respect and support individual effort and team achievement of common goals. Address strategies for establishing a goal, articulating clear expectations and providing routine feedback in the context of existing performance management tools.
This course is part of the New & Emerging Supervisors & Managers Series, which focuses on practical tools in strategic areas to assist new and emerging supervisors and managers with advancing their skills, confidence and effectiveness in their roles. Course sessions in this series offer opportunities to learn and rehearse skills to apply in the workplace immediately.
Instructor: Wendy Waldron, WaldronWorks
Price: $60
CRN: 20346
Speaking Like You Mean Business
April 13 and 20
Tuesdays | 8:30 to 9:30am | Remote via Zoom
This live, interactive workshop via Zoom prepares you to address your staff, colleagues, clients, prospects or the media — regardless of your role or industry. Learn how to deliver your message professionally and confidently, and rehearse strategies for preparation, execution and evaluation, such as:
  • Determining what your audience needs
  • The value of creating an outline
  • Meaningful ways to practice
  • Managing your nerves, breathing and movement
  • Techniques for self-assessing to determine what to replicate and what to modify for future presentations
Through interactive discussion and activities with the instructor and peers, you will have the opportunity to ask questions, learn from others and rehearse presentation skills. Gain practical knowledge that you can apply immediately to further your on-the-job success.
Instructor: Dale G. Klein, M.A., Profitable Speech, LLC. A Sound Investment®
Price: $85
CRN: 20336
ServSafe Food Safety Certification Workshop
May 1
Saturday | 8am to 6pm | Queensbury Campus | Bring a bag lunch
Food service professionals working or pursuing jobs in establishments which handle, cook, store, serve, deliver, remove and dispose of food benefit from ServSafe training and certification. This national, transferrable certification may be required by current or future employers and proves your competencies and readiness to be a successful employee. Local hospitality and food service businesses seeking effective training and certification for employees are invited to register them for this workshop; please see details at registration about employer invoicing and payment of course tuition. Individuals who successfully complete the full-day program and examination will receive the certification, which is valid for 5 years.
Participants are encouraged to pick up and review the required book in advance of the course session to support participation in discussion and successful completion of the certification exam. The Office of Continuing Education will contact registered students about the availability of books and the details of picking them up in advance.
Registration for this course closes Thursday, April 15, to ensure timely receipt of course materials; receipt of course materials may be delayed for individuals registering after that date. See the Continuing Education registration page for our refund policy. Please note: Any withdrawals after the April 15 registration deadline will not receive a refund for materials costs.
Instructor: Frank Burns
Price: $225 (Course price includes a $78 materials fee.)
CRN: 20337

Notary Public License Exam Preparation — Self-Paced, Online Course

Available January 27 through May 5 | Online course at your own pace
This online, self-paced course is offered through Blackboard and is designed to teach you the essential information you need for the New York State Notary Exam. In addition, this course will thoroughly prepare you to understand your duties and functions as a Notary Public Officer. You will gain insight into what a Notary Public’s key responsibilities and limitations are, as well as some best practices of a Notary Public Officer. Topics will include:
  • Notary concepts
  • Definition review
  • Sample forms
  • Notary law subsection review
Please note: The Notary Public exam will not be given during this workshop. To successfully complete this course and prepare for the exam, students will be required to complete the reading, discussion and quiz activities identified in the course syllabus. For information about the NYS Notary Public Exam and licensing process, schedule and forms, please visit the NYS Division of Licensing Services website.
Registration for this course closes Wednesday, April 14, to ensure participants have enough time to complete the course.
Instructor: Kelli Hatin, EdD, SUNY Adirondack
Price: $85
CRN: 20339

Paralegal Certificate Course — Online  

  • 2021 Session 3: May 3 to June 18
  • 2021 Session 4: June 28 to August 13
  • 2021 Session 5: August 23 to October 8

This online program is designed for beginning or advanced legal workers. Students will be trained to assist trial attorneys, interview witnesses, investigate complex fact patterns, research the law, prepare legal documents and assist in preparing cases for courtroom litigation. For further details, visit the Center for Legal Studies website.

Students have 14 weeks to complete the online course—they will be enrolled in one seven-week session for Paralegal I, and automatically enrolled into the next seven-week session for Paralegal II. The course price includes both of these sessions. See above for session dates.

Books and materials must be purchased separately by contacting the Center for Legal Studies at or by phone at 1-800-522-7737.

Please note: This course has its own withdrawal and student liability policy; please see the Online Classes section of the page at for details.

Instructor: Center for Legal Studies 

Price: $1,595, plus materials (Books and materials for the course must be purchased separately from the Center for Legal Studies. Estimated cost for books and access to the Westlaw Legal Research Database is approximately $559.30.)




You Can Be a Freelance Writer
April 17
Saturday | 1 to 4pm | Remote via Zoom
Freelance writing is a low-investment business you can run from home, allowing you to set your own schedule and earn a good living. Discover the step-by-step process for establishing yourself in this highly desirable field, including identifying markets for your writing, finding and approaching clients, delivering assignments and cultivating repeat business. You’ll learn the nuts and bolts of the business plus all the tricks of the trade so you can launch your own successful freelance writing business.
Instructor: Pauline Bartel, Bartel Communications, Inc.
Price: $49 (Course price includes a $15 materials fee.)
CRN: 20267

Conversational American Sign Language (ASL) Level 2 NEW!

April 6 to May 4
Tuesdays | 5 to 6pm | Remote via Zoom


Learn essential ASL vocabulary and dig deeper into proper ASL grammar and the vibrancy of the Deaf community. This class dives further into shape, placement and movement of the hands, as well as facial expressions and body movements, all of which play important parts in conveying information. Lessons in this course will build on each other in a way that allows students to see immediate progress.
This course is designed for students with basic ASL knowledge or those seeking to improve on their technique and ASL grammar and broaden their vocabulary. It is especially helpful for those in health-related or educational fields, and will assist in communicating with the deaf, as well as those with autism, speech delays or other mental disabilities. You’ll learn from handouts, PowerPoints, group work, deaf individuals in the community and interactive activities.
The instructor is a licensed Sign Language Interpreter, past resident choreographer at Sign Design Theatre Company and vocal interpreter for New York Deaf Theatre. He has taught many language and Deaf culture classes across the states.
Instructor: Aaron Coulson, ACEntertainment
Price: $59
CRN: 20287
Conversational French NEW!
April 7 to May 12
Wednesdays | 6:30 to 8pm | Remote via Zoom
Bonjour! Are you planning to travel to Canada or to one of the many French-speaking countries? Are you working in the tourism industry and wish you could communicate more in French with your clientele? This course provides you with an opportunity to practice your conversational skills safely, without worrying about grammar and spelling. You will have the time and guidance to improve your interpretive and speaking skills regardless of your experience level of French. You will learn formal greetings, formulas to be polite and how to introduce people. Our topics of conversation will be related to tourist experiences such as dining out, lodging, leisure and outings, transportation and shopping. Topics relevant to your own experience and communication needs will be considered. The course will also contain useful tips about Quebecois culture.
Instructor: Nathalie Martineau
Price: $79
CRN: 20285