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General Policy Statement

The Adirondack Housing Association (AHA) and SUNY Adirondack recognize that students may require specific housing accommodations to fully participate in the residential life component of their college experience. For this reason, AHA, in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA; 1990, Amended 2008) provides equal access to residential life, with respect to housing and/or dining, and safeguards against the discrimination of students as defined by the ADA.

The ADA qualifies an individual with a disability as having:

  • A physical or mental impairment that substantially limits one or more major life activities of such individual;
  • A record of such an impairment; or
  • Being regarded as having such an impairment

The director of the Accessibility Services Office (ASO) works in conjunction with all areas of the college, including the AHA, to ensure compliance with the ADA and Section 504. (This includes both the Office of the Dean for Student Affairs and the Office of the Director of Residence Life respective to matters of reasonable housing and/or dining accommodations.) The director of the ASO reaches throughout the college community in a good faith effort to ensure that individuals requesting services or accommodations are afforded said services and accommodations to receive equal access in the classroom, housing and around campus.

Eligibility for Reasonable Housing and/or Dining Accommodations

By law, students with a disability do not have to self-disclose nor do they have to register with the Residence Life Office and/or Accessibility Services. However, if a student is seeking reasonable housing and/or dining accommodations, said student must contact the Residence Life Office before the established deadlines in order to request reasonable services or accommodations for the upcoming semester. All reasonable housing and/or dining requests are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Procedures for Requesting Reasonable Housing and/or Dining Accommodations

A student requesting reasonable housing and/or dining accommodations must:

  • Disclose his/her disability to the AHA through the Residence Life Office as it concerns housing and/or dining accommodations.
  • Complete a Housing/Dining Accommodation Request Form (see attached form).
  • Provide medical documentation that specifically addresses the need for specified housing and/or dining accommodations. Documentation should be typed and printed on letterhead, dated, signed and legible with the name, title and professional credentials of the evaluator or medical provider. All documentation should be current, meaning that a diagnostic evaluation has been completed within the last three years. The age of acceptable documentation is dependent upon the disabling condition, the current status of the student, and the student specific request for accommodation.
  • The documentation, along with the Housing/Dining Accommodation Request Form, should be submitted within the established timeframe to the Residence Life Office located in the Residence Hall on the SUNY Adirondack Queensbury Campus.
  • If necessary, participate in a conversation with the Director of Accessibility Services and/or the Director of Residence Life to be able to more accurately gage and determine reasonable and appropriate accommodations.
  • Request reasonable housing and/or dining accommodations on an annual basis, within the established timeframes set forth by the Office of Residence Life, adhering to all aforementioned guidelines.   

Consideration for Reasonable Housing and/or Dining Accommodations by Committee Review

Requests for reasonable housing and/or dining accommodations for students with disabilities will be evaluated, considered and prioritized based on need. Other factors critical to the determination include: severity of the condition, timing of the request, and availability.

The Committee will consist of the Director of the Accessibility Services Office, the Dean for Student Affairs and the Director of Residence Life (or their designees). The Director of Dining Operations will also be included in cases involving a request for dining accommodations.

The Committee will:

  • Review the student’s submitted medical documentation as well as the Housing/Dining Accommodation Request Form.
  • Request additional information/clarification from the student and/or evaluator/medical provider as necessary to process the housing/dining accommodation request.
  • If necessary, participate in a conversation with the student to obtain as much information as possible about the requested accommodation, as well as to determine a reasonable and appropriate accommodation.
  • Determine what reasonable housing/dining accommodations will be granted for one academic year or semester therein.
  • Contact the student as to the eligibility or status of the application within the established time frames as set forth by the Office of Residence Life.

Appeal Process

The Housing/Dining Accommodation process follows the college process for such appeals.  Information on the college grievance procedure can be found by going to the Accessibility Services page.