Educational Opportunity Program (EOP)

The Educational Opportunity Program (EOP) is a state-funded program for New York state residents who are educationally and economically disadvantaged. The primary objective is to help provide educationally related services to students whose educational and economic circumstances have limited their educational opportunities. As an EOP student, you will receive support services to help you succeed academically in college. For more information about EOP, please contact

Benefits of EOP

  • EOP Summer Bridge Program: During the EOP Summer Bridge Program students can live on campus and take remedial courses for free. Students are also able to earn up to 8 credits toward the completion of their degree.
  • Personal EOP Advisor: The EOP advisor supports the student through graduation.
  • EOP Loan to Learn Program: Students can borrow textbooks, Chromebooks and calculators for the semester from the EOP library.
  • EOP Stipend: Students get a small stipend to help in the cost of books, materials and transportation.
  • EOP Tutor Mentors: Students work with Tutor Mentors in a tutoring and mentoring capacity.
  • Transfer Assistance: If a student wishes to transfer to another institution after graduation, we assist them in the process of finding the right institution with an EOP program.
  • Assistance for Financial Aid Process: We help students through the financial aid process.
  • The Foster Youth College Success Initiative (FYCSI): This initiative assists eligible students with funding that can be used toward tuition, books, transportation and other expenses.

EOP’s Eligibility Requirements

  • A New York state resident for 12 months prior to admission
  • A first-time, full-time college student
  • A graduate of a NYS high school with a cumulative GPA between 70 to 84 (100% scale) or earned a GED/TASC **
  • A transfer student previously enrolled in EOP/HEOP at former college
  • Student must meet income guidelines as specified below

Income Guidelines

The table lists financial eligibility requirements for EOP admission for students entering the 2023-2024 academic year. To be determined economically disadvantaged, a student’s household income must not exceed the amount shown for its size or must be in economic circumstances that conform to one of the pre-determined exceptions.

Household Size
(including head of household)

Total Annual Income in 2024-25 Calendar Year

















*For families/households with more than eight people, add $9,509 for each additional person.

Income guidelines do not apply if:

• The student’s family is the recipient of Family Assistance or Safety Net payments through the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance; or through a county Department of Social Services; or Family Day Care payments through the New York State Office of Children and Family Assistance
• The student is in foster care as established by the court
• The student is a ward of the state or county

Transfer Students

Transfer students must be admitted to SUNY Adirondack and have been previously enrolled in a similar opportunity program such as EOP, HEOP, SEEK, College Discovery or a similar program at a post-secondary institution. Verification of prior status must be submitted to EOP.


Readmit Students

Readmit students must have been previously enrolled in EOP at SUNY Adirondack, but have not received a degree. Applicants should be in good academic standing from the last semester of enrollment.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • I am a high school counselor; how can I refer a student to EOP?  You can refer students using this link!
  • Does EOP pay tuition and housing cost? No, the EOP Supplemental Grant is for college-related expenses, like books and supplies.
  • How do I apply for the Educational Opportunity Program? Check the appropriate box on the SUNY Adirondack application or contact the EOP office at for an application.
  • Is EOP a financial aid program? No, the EOP Supplemental Grant is based on need and program participation.

For more information or to apply, contact:

Samuel Johnson
Director of EOP
518-743-2200, ext. 2344