Individual Studies

SUNY Adirondack offers a Liberal Arts Humanities & Social Sciences - Individual Studies Associate in Science (AS) degree. The degree provides students great flexibility in designing a degree program to support their career and transfer goals with customized course selection.

The degree combines a strong liberal arts and sciences foundation, with 30 credits of choice, to help a student transfer in a direction not currently supported by many degree programs. Students will work with their advisor and design a four semester layout. This degree also supports returning adults, or veterans, who may have started in one direction and now have a new focus, and want to continue their studies without undue loss of credit. 

The degree program is of value to a wide range of students, including: 

  • First-time students with a particular transfer school in mind – seeking education in an educational niche not offered in a current degree program.
  • Students who would like to change degree programs without loss of credit 
  • Students who complete several semesters at another college or university and want to obtain their associate degree and utilize the maximum number of transfer credits 
  • Military personnel or veterans who have been taking coursework during service and want to apply those technical credits to a degree
  • Returning adult students who began a college career and opted out to become employed and now want to return to school and utilize the maximum number of previously earned credits 
  • Entrepreneurial-minded students who have a business concept in mind and want to customize their course selection to best support their start-up.





SUNY Adirondack holds over 30 seamless transfer agreements with four-year colleges in New York and across the country. The most popular transfer institutions for this program are:

  • Empire State College
  • SUNY Polytechnic Institute
  • Student-chosen baccalaureate program that are doing a custom transfer design