Allie Nadeau


"I wanted to go to a four-year school but my parents convinced me to come here for the first two years because it made the most sense financially. I'll be the first person in my family to get an associate degree let alone a bachelor's and then a master's. I have taken all of my classes here at the Wilton Center. What I love about Wilton is how small it is; it's such a great atmosphere to be in. I have a work study job in the main office doing whatever they need help wi th and I'm also the head chair of the Wilton Activities Committee.

I switched my major while I was here and took summer classes so I could catch up and graduate on time. Coming out of high school I had no idea what to major in. I interned at Wesley Healthcare Center in Saratoga my senior year of high school and thought that I wanted to be a nurse, I quickly realized that wasn't for me. I changed my major to criminal justice which I really liked but I couldn't see myself doing that in the long run. I have always been interested in finance, so I landed on business and I have loved it all along. Jenna St. Jacques has helped me so much, she's really guided me through the whole process. She made me realize that it's OK to switch majors and to not be afraid to make a change.

Being involved here with the activities committee has been really fun, I enjoy being part of the community. We've all developed such a strong bond with each other.

I'm grateful for what I have gained here and to have had the opportunity to try different avenues until I found the right fit for me without taking on the burden of higher loans was a smart decision. I'm glad my parents pushed me in this direction. I'm graduating this spring, I just got accepted to Potsdam, the University of Buffalo and Alfred. It's really exciting."

Allie Nadeau
Saratoga Springs, NY
Business Administration, Class of 2016
Head Chair of the Wilton Activities Committee