Cheryl Fitzpatrick


"I have always worked in an office as a business administrator. I was laid off a few years ago and realized that despite my experience, not having a degree was holding me back from finding the right job. Coming here as a returning adult was a little intimidating so I was kind of shocked to be accepted by all of the students so quickly and easily. I wasn't expecting that, but they gravitated toward me for some reason.

We talked about everything from personal and family issues to school work. I learned a lot from them as well.

It's interesting to be around different perspectives and life experiences. What was hard for me was math. I hadn't been in school for so long, I dreaded the math, but the tutors here are so helpful.

I made sure to take advantage of the tutoring center in Wilton because I live nearby. I took almost all of my classes there actually because it was so convenient. I graduated in December, it's quite exciting to finally have my degree.

Cheryl Fitzpatrick
Wilton, NY
Management, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship, Class of 2015