College Scheduler instructions

College Scheduler is the new registration platform released at SUNY Adirondack for the Fall 2020 registration session.

  • The tool develops all potential schedules based on course selection and necessary or preferred breaks (i.e. clubs, work, family needs, and other commitments).
  • Questions or Concerns can be directed to or
  • Contact your faculty advisor or the Student Success center for help developing your course list prior to or while utilizing the software.

Step by Step Guide to Registration with the Schedule Planner

Accessing the Software:

  1. You can access College Scheduler by logging into mySUNYADK portal account at,
  2. Select Courses & Registration from the header or Academics then Registration from the sidebar.
  3. The Registration menu in Self-Service Banner (SSB) will open automatically.
  4. Select Schedule Planer New!!! You will be automatically signed into the College Scheduler platform.         

Term Selection: You must select the semester you wish to build a schedule.

Select Locations: You can choose which locations you wish to review course schedule options. Wilton is the Saratoga location.

Add Courses: You must select the courses you wish to have included for the selected semester.            

  1. Select the Add Course button.
  2. You have four ways to add courses to your schedule;
    1. By Subject – A drop down list of all subjects will be listed. Once a subject is selected all courses will be listed.
    2. Search By Attribute – A drop down list of all attributes will be listed. Once an attribute is selected, you will have a drop down list of subjects and courses.
    3. Degree Works – This option is not currently available. This will connect with the Student Educational Planner. More information coming soon.
    4. Search By Instructor – You can select a preferred instructor and only sections taught by instructor will be included. You must select one of the course options.
  3. As you add courses, they will show up in the Courses list.
  4. Select the Done button to return to first page.
  5. Selected courses will show up on the main page.
  6. You can view specific section information by selecting the Sections option next to the course.
    1. If a specific section is selected, the lock image can be clicked to require only that section be utilized for the generated schedules.
    2. Note: This is a helpful option if a specific ENG ALP package or a major specific section is required. Science lectures and labs will automatically be generated as linked courses into your optimized schedule options.
  7. Prerequisite information is available via the Information button next to the Section or in the individual sections. 

Add Breaks: Breaks are blocks of time you do not want or cannot schedule courses.     

  1. Select the Add Break button.
  2. Add a name, start time, end time, and specific days associated. Multiple breaks can be added to the list.
  3. No sections will be suggested during those time(s).

Note: If a break time causes a course to be unavailable a warning message will be displayed requesting the student to remove the break time or deselect the affected course from the Courses list prior to generating schedule options.

Generate Schedules: All available schedule options will be generated to review and select.    

  1. Select the Generate Schedules button under the Schedules section.
  2. View all of the conflict free schedule options;
    1. Hover over the magnifying glass to see schedule layouts.  
    3. Select schedules from the list and use the Compare button to view side by side.   
    5. Select the View link to see a comprehensive look at the schedule.                  
    7. Select the Advanced Options to increase amount of time between classes if needed.
  3. You can save Favorite schedules via the View selection link. Once saved, they can be quickly accessed under Schedules area.      
  4. You can lock sections you prefer or are needed based on your academic requirements.     

Registration: The selected schedule will be sent to the Scheduler Planner Registration Cart in Banner to complete the registration process.

  1. Once the perfect schedule is identified select the Send to Shopping Cart button in the View schedule area.
  2. You will be navigated to the Schedule Planner Registration Cart. You have 4 options on this page.                 
    1. Click Register for registration to occur in Banner after all course prerequisite and general registration checks.
    2. Click Save Cart to save the courses for later registration.
    3. Select Clear Cart to remove the courses from the list in the Schedule Planner.
    4. Select Return to Scheduler Planner to review and adjust schedule options.
      1. Once back in the Schedule Planner, the Shopping Cart will show up under Courses. Remove one or more sections by deselecting the sections from the list.


Post-Registration Adjustments: 

  1. You can go into the Planner after you have registered for classes to add or adjust coursework.
  2. If you did not meet the prerequisite requirement for the requested course(s), Banner will not let you register. You will have to go back to the planner to find an alternative course or section.
  3. If you are looking for a new section of a course you have already registered for;
    1. You must drop the course before processing registration into a new section.
    2. If you would like to explore available options before dropping the current section, you can view the Sections information as noted under the Add Course instruction number 6 listed above. Once you find the new section you hope to register for you can drop and register for the new section via the Shopping Cart or SSB.


Please contact the Registrar’s Office ( with questions related to this software and registration.

We hope you find this software helpful and easy t