Distribution of Materials on Campus

Distribution of Materials on Campus policy

SUNY Adirondack encourages expression of free speech and permits the distribution of printed material for non-commercial purposes by the general community in a manner which does not compete with the ongoing programs or regular business of the College and is in accordance with college policy.  Individuals, organizations, or groups must comply with the College Code of Conduct, found in the Student Handbook.  Individuals, organizations, or groups who interfere in or compete with ongoing programs or regular business of the college while distributing such material may be charged with an infraction of the appropriate section of the Code of Conduct.

Any individual, organization, or group desiring to distribute such printed material at the College must obtain advance approval from the Coordinator of Student Life in the Office of Student Activities.  Approval to distribute printed material will not be based on the content of the printed material.  Approval is required only to assure non-interference with the ongoing programs or regular business of the College.   The College does not assume any obligation or responsibility for the content of materials distributed.  Any denial of the distribution of printed materials may be appealed to the Dean for Student Affairs within 15 days of the denial.

The College reminds any individual, organization, or group so distributing materials to be aware of current laws regarding libel, defamation, obscenity, fair labor relations and other applicable laws.  Acceptance of monetary donation for such material is prohibited.