Focus on Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

business plan competition

The SUNY Adirondack Business division creates professional learning opportunities for students, including business plan competitions.

College offers plan for entrepreneurs

SUNY Adirondack is preparing the next generation of business leaders for a bright future through its Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship degree program.

Students taking the two-year program learn the core operations of running a business while also gaining opportunities to explore focuses in management, marketing or entrepreneurship. The program was created for career-oriented students and has been attractive to community members who own their own business and want to enhance their knowledge and skill base.

“Students gain the opportunity to network with many of our local business leaders and alumni who are regularly brought into the classroom by faculty teaching core business courses in the degree program,” said John Arpey, associate professor of Business.

Internships at local businesses add to the experience. Business faculty match students to employers based on the student’s career goals or interests. An internship is a three-credit course that requires 120 hours of work at the business, under the supervision of an employer. The nature of the work and progress in the employment setting is closely monitored by a faculty member assigned to the student.

“Students also engage in entrepreneurial activities through Business Central, the Entrepreneurship Center, business plan competitions, Speak Off competitions and class visits to area employers,” Arpey said.


Did you know?

The Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship program offers access to dedicated faculty who have a deep and diverse experience in:

  • business management
  • consumer behavior
  • business psychology
  • marketing concepts for products and services
  • business plan development
  • start-up planning for entrepreneurs



Kayla Craft teaches yoga.

Kayla Craft is the owner of Yoga Kayla in Glens Falls.

A mindful business plan

Kayla Craft followed her passion to a thriving career in yoga, but she credits SUNY Adirondack’s Business program with keeping her mind centered on success.

“The business classes offered at SUNY Adirondack are perfect for starting your own business,” said Craft, who graduated form the college in 2005 before transferring to SUNY Plattsburgh to earn a bachelor’s degree.

Craft worked for a number of years in pharmaceutical sales. Although the money was good, she didn’t feel fulfilled.

“I was always into health and wellness, and I finally realized that passion for life is more important than money,” she said.

Deciding to put her dreams first, she left the corporate world and took intensive yoga training to open her own studio.

Yoga Kayla started out in a small room in Lake George but quickly grew into a larger space in downtown Glens Falls. Five years later, the business is booming, with a full schedule of yoga and pilates classes throughout the week.

During the summer, she offers early morning sessions in City Park, allowing students to enjoy a peaceful workout as the sun rises. The business recently expanded into online offerings, making the lessons of yoga and meditation accessible to an even larger audience.

“I love every moment of it. Go after what you are most passionate about, and you will never feel like you are working,” Craft said.

The entrepreneur credits SUNY Adirondack with giving her the business knowledge to turn her dream into a success.

“I always tell everyone that my best decision was to attend SUNY Adirondack. I learned through the degree and applied the information,” she said.