Instructor Resources

Workshop Descriptions

  • Small Group Tutoring: This workshop allows tutors to work with your students on whatever current project they have. Instructors should identify a specific goal or task for writers to accomplish in the workshop and then work alongside CRW consultants with small groups of writers.
  • Class Visit: This option is a brief 10-minute class presentation in your classroom to discuss the CRW’s services.

Offering Credit for CRW Visits

  • Please do not require attendance as a part of a course or assignment grade. Appointments on our schedule are limited, especially near midterms and finals week, and we cannot guarantee that we can accommodate required visits. 
  • All clients (who have made an appointment on our schedule) receive a summary of their session by email following their session. The session report can be printed or forwarded to you.
  • Instead of requiring students to attend the CRW, consider one of these options:
    • Ask students to write and submit a writing or revision plan based on what they learned/discussed during the CRW session.
    • Offer credit based on students' reflections on the learning experience rather than solely for attendance (see the sample statement below). 
  • Sample Extra Credit Assignment Sheet:

To earn extra points on this assignment, visit the SUNY Adirondack Center for Reading and Writing (located in the Scoville Learning Center) to work on some aspect of this essay, and write a brief description of your visit. In your write-up, be sure to (1) tell me what goals you had in mind before the session, (2) describe what you did during the session (i.e. were your goals met? How so, or what did you work on instead?), and (3) evaluate the session—how was it useful or how could it have been more useful? This write-up should be at least ½ a page and no more than 2 pages, typed, and stapled to your final draft. Include the date, time, and length of your appointment at the top of the page.

Schedule a Workshop

To schedule a CRW workshop, click HERE.