Sara Bacon Conklin


"I graduated from Corinth High School in 1991, received my Associate in Liberal Arts from SUNY Morrisville and my Bachelor's in English Literature from SUNY Plattsburgh. Then I got married, had kids and I'm currently the assistant director of a pre-sch ool. However, I just recently realized that I want to be a Registered Dietician when I grow up.

I have always been interested in how food reacts to the body and more importantly how it can heal the body from the inside out. Food matters so much to your overall well being. Eat your vegetables, mom was always right about that!

Before I can apply to the online dietetics program through the University of Kansas State I am required to take science courses like biology, chemistry and anatomy and physiology so that's why I'm here.

Honestly, at one point along the way I was crying because coming back to college as an adult was daunting. I was having to tap into a part of my brain that I hadn't used in a long time.

The support that I have received so far has been incredible. My biology Professor Jim Delancey is so encouraging, we have a lot of fun in his class, I am going to miss him next sem ester. I know I am going to have Charlie D'Souza in the spring and after reading his Humans of SUNY Adirondack story, I am so excited to take his class.

I am only taking one class per semester because of my schedule; taking classes at Wilton is so convenient for me. I feel very fortunate to have this oppo rtunity available to me.

If you are nervous about coming to college as an adult don't second guess yourself, nothing is impossible."

Sara Bacon Conklin
Corinth, NY