Troy Heusel


"I graduated from Queensbury High School in 2012, and liked that I could go to college so close to home. SUNY Adirondack was a good fit for me. I majored in Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship mainly because I have always wanted to own my own motorcycle repair shop. I thought a business degree would give me a good foundation.

Chandler Atkins was one of my favorite professors, I enjoyed his classes a lot; writing a business plan was really eye opening and interesting. Professor LaPann helped to set me up with an internship here at Nemer Ford during my last semester, and then I was hired as a full-time employee right after I graduated in May. I am continuing to gain experience in the field by working the service drive-thru, greeting customers, selling alignments and doing basic report card checks."

Troy Heusel
Queensbury, NY
Management, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, Class of 2015