For the win

The SUNY Adirondack coaches and staff are committed to developing competitive athletic teams and successful students through one-on-one mentoring.

More than 95 percent of the college’s student-athletes meet or exceed the standards of academic progress to remain eligible to play as a Timberwolf.


Meet the Athletics Department Staff

Zach Schwan

I joined SUNY Adirondack in April 2019.  I am responsible for the oversight and management of 10 athletic programs, including its coaches, athletes and department staff. A native of Ithaca, I earned a B.S. from Clarkson University, where I was a member of the men’s ice hockey program, and a M.S. in Sport Management from Northern Illinois University.  Prior to joining the Timberwolves, I was a member of the Skidmore, Cornell and Northwestern Athletic departments.  In addition to my responsibilities as Director of Athletics, I am an adjunct professor teaching an Introduction to Sport Management course at the College. — Zach Schwan, Director of Athletics


Julie Clark

Both my parents were educators, and my dad a high school coach.  I have been involved in athletics all my life.  I had my first expose to coaching after I tore the ACL in my knee my senior year in high school.  I wasn’t able to play field hockey so I stepped into the assistant coaching role.  After injuring my knee again right before going to college, I had to red shirt my first year.  I continued to observe and learn until I was able to get back on the field.  During the summers, I worked as a summer camp coach and realized I was pretty good at teaching skills, concepts and being in charge of large groups of people.  After graduating from college, I stepped into a head coaching position.  I loved watching my players grow and develop, not only as athletes, but also as people.  Athletics were very impactful on my life.  As I considered ending my collegiate coaching career, I knew I wanted to continue to assist and influence young people.  By this time, my administrative knowledge of athletics had grown and when I decided to step away from coaching, becoming an administrator became the natural progression in my career.  — Julie Clark, Assistant Director of Athletics




Casey Job

As an advisor, my main responsibility is to help students stay on track for graduation and future transfer starting from their time of matriculation to the college. I help students schedule their courses from semester to semester, assist with add/drop or withdrawal from courses, and refer students to various offices around campus for any needs they may have.  I enjoy both of my positions at the school because it is really nice to see how much our students grow as people throughout their time at SUNY Adirondack.  It is also cool to interact and get to know the students who attend the school as well learn why they chose to come here. I also really love the location of SUNY Adirondack.  Queensbury is in a beautiful "4 seasons" location that is close to so many outdoor activities.  It is a great place to be if you enjoy skiing, hiking, boating on lake george, golfing, or just about anything outside.  Any time I recruit a baseball player to SUNY Adirondack, I like to say that our physical campus is second to none.  It is a community college that has a small 4 year feel.  We have a beautiful residence hall, modern classroom and administration buildings including a brand new science building, and new athletic facilities coming within the next year.  Lastly, and most importantly, SUNY Adirondack has a very caring faculty/staff that love our students.  I think we all take a lot of pride in what we do and look forward to seeing every student succeed! — Casey Job, Student Success Advisor and Head Baseball Coach


Donna Ellis

Although fairly new to the SUNY Adirondack community, I felt immediately welcome. I am part of an amazing team in the Athletic Department and am able to put my administrative talents to good use - on campus or from home. — Donna Ellis, Secretary


Fast facts

Team Mascot: Timberwolves

Team Colors: Forest Green and Gold

Affiliation: All teams are affiliated with the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA Region III) and the Mountain Valley Collegiate Conference.









At SUNY Adirondack, we don’t just care about our athletes’ performances on the field and the court.

We created the Student-Athlete Advising Program to help our star athletes become star students.

Through advising specifically designed to meet the demands of an athlete’s schedule, our Student-Athlete Advising program will give you the support you need to balance athletic and academic responsibilities.