Athletics have been accepted as a significant part of the American educational scene for over a century, yet questions are often raised concerning the relevance of athletics to education. The public debate about the proper relationship between athletics and academics is hardly a new phenomenon and has had some specific salutary effects. First, it has generated the enactment of a variety of needed reforms. Recent targets of the reform effort have included excesses in recruitment practices, lack of satisfactory academic progress and eligibility standards, and unauthorized financial support for athletics. Second, and perhaps more importantly, it has given educators an opportunity to rethink and then to reinforce the reasons why intercollegiate athletics have been and continue to be an integral part of American higher education.

We firmly believe that if an athletic program is structured and administered consonant with the mission and objectives of the College, then we can justifiably say that athletics is education. What happens on the playing field, in the gymnasium, and in the preparation for and carrying out the competitive season is a microcosm of life. There is much to learn about oneself and how to coexist with others in a competitive environment. The experiences gained through athletics can contribute as much toward students' physical, mental and spiritual growth as any other during their college tenure.

The coaching staff is committed to the goal of implementing athletics as a valid part of the educational enterprise and, because of this commitment, seeks to focus attention on the role of athletics as education through contributing to the individual, to the institution and to the community. In striving to attain this goal, the program objectives are:

  1. To develop discipline, a desire for team work, and self-confidence within the individual;
  2. To develop and maintain the organic systems of the body on a high performance level;
  3. To continue to develop neuromuscular skills which are satisfying and useful both now and in future years;
  4. To develop desirable attitudes toward participation with socially desirable standards of conduct that positively affect personal growth;
  5. To provide varied opportunities for student athletes to compete with their peers;
  6. To reinforce the concept that the student athlete is a student first and an athlete second, and is counseled to maintain satisfactory progress toward a degree;
  7. To improve and sustain the College's reputation and morale;
  8. To heighten the visibility that demonstrably aids in recruitment of students; and,
  9. To provide a stimulus to the development of broad based physical education and intramural programs.


Our affiliation with the Mountain Valley Collegiate Conference on the local level and the National Junior College Athletic Association nationally helps ensure that we keep our student athletes on a degree/career track, since their constitutions and policies are consistent with the educational objectives of the two-year college.  The regulations of these governing bodies hold that the student athlete must be treated as a student first, purposefully seeking an academic degree. 

The stated goals and objectives of our intercollegiate athletic program closely parallel at least eight of the fifteen listed goals under the college’s mission statement of aspiring to contribute to the quality of life of the people it serves.

In summary, whether through team or individual sports, athletics is more than an organized program.  It is more than having structured fun, yet not to the other extreme that winning is everything.  It is more than a simplistic approach to providing opportunities for competition among peers.  Athletics, in a broad view, has unique opportunities for developing desirable character and social traits as well as defining responsibilities toward the physical and skill development of the individual.  The results of our endeavors should be teams that bring pride to the College as an educational institution and experiences for our student athletes that will, collectively, be a significant contribution to their academic pursuits and personal growth.

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