Community Hub

SUNY Adirondack encourages students to connect with the Community Hub through an online request at

The Community Hub at SUNY Adirondack was established to identify and meet the non-academic needs of our students. The idea is to provide ties to community and on-campus resources, with a goal of teaching students how to address barriers that may get in the way of their academic success.

We want our students to reach their educational goals at SUNY Adirondack and beyond!

The Community Hub is not an actual office but a concept. The coordinator of Community Connections, who directs all Community Hub activities, is dedicated to helping SUNY Adirondack students remove barriers, and can provide support and free referral services, including:

  • Securing health insurance
  • Food assistance
  • Transportation needs
  • Counseling: family and individual
  • Drug and alcohol counseling
  • Tax preparation

Request services.

Community Hub Food Source

The Food Source is a place where all students can feel welcomed, comfortable and empowered. The main food source is open to all SUNY Adirondack students. The Food Source is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday within the confidential Counseling offices in Washington Hall. Please bring your own bag, as there may not always be bags available. The Residence Hall Food Source is open to students residing in our Residence Hall.


Q: Where does funding come from?
Funding comes from the SUNY Adirondack Foundation

Q: What is the purpose of Community Hub Food Source on campus?
The purpose is to supplement students' grocery budget and support food security to SUNY Adirondack students.

Q: How does a student go about receiving food from the Food Source?
During our regular hours of operation, any SUNY Adirondack student can visit the food source two times a month.

Q: What type of food does your Food Source pantry offer? Does your pantry offer toiletries?
The Food Source provides nonperishable foods items such as pasta, sauce, cereal, granola bars, ready-to-eat meals, canned fruits and vegetables, soups, etc. We also have some personal care items.

Q: Do you require students to have a meal plan to receive food?
No, any SUNY Adirondack student can get food at t Food Source.

Q: Is the Food Source only for students who live on campus?
No, the Food Source is for all students, commuters included.

Q: Do students need to demonstrate need to get food items from the Food Source?
No, we don’t require an application nor do students need to meet a particular criteria to access the pantry. Students may access the food source two times per month; we just ask students sign in with their names and Banner numbers to track the number of people served.

Q: How can you donate to the Food Source? Who do you typically receive donations from?
Donations are welcome but not required. However, if folks would like to help, please drop off food items during food pantry operating hours. Food Source located in Washington Hall, Room 116 (in the Counseling Suite).

Q: Does the Food Source operate during the winter, summer break or holidays?
The Food Source is not open during holidays. Please complete a Hub request to find our about food pantries in your area.


SUNY ADK CARES (SUNY Adirondack College Acts and Responds to Emergencies of Students)

The SUNY ADK CARES initiative provides financial assistance to qualifying students who are experiencing life issues that may hinder successful completion of their post-secondary goals. Grants and/or loans may be provided to students in need of financial emergency assistance for transportation, shelter, medical expenses, etc.

  • Assistance may be provided through a grant or loan, depending on a student’s resources and ability to repay. Students must use all their own financial resources (i.e.student loans) before being considered for a grant.
  • Students interested in learning more about SUNY ADK CARES or who would like to fill out an application to see if they qualify for a SUNY ADK CARES grant or loan may fill out the HUB request form and indicate "yes" for SUNY CARES Grant or Loan section.

Donate to the SUNY Adirondack CARES Fund.

Professional Clothes Closet

Do you have a big interview coming up OR a big campus presentation you want to look your best for, but don’t have the right attire?

Look no further! The SUNY Adirondack campus has a professional clothing closet that may have what you need. There you will find some new and barely worn items such as:

  • Blouses
  • Button ups
  • Women and men dress pants
  • Dresses
  • Shoes, etc.

There are no income guidelines to get clothes from the closet.

In Gratitude To The Community Hub at SUNY Adirondack

Thank you for the resources that the HUB Community has brought to the SUNY Adirondack community. As a student, I have found that these resources were extremely helpful. I can personally say that every student goes through their struggle in silence and that the HUB Community truly works to lessen that struggle — and it does an excellent job via Financial Counseling, Food HUB, Gas Cards, affordable Health Insurance, etc. 

— SUNY Adirondack Student


I wish to express my sincere gratitude to the Community Hub at SUNY Adirondack for extending resources that were literally instrumental in helping me to continue to attend classes. I was in immediate jeopardy of being displaced and it may go without saying that it is hard to focus on one’s course work when you are facing eviction.  What seemed like an accident became a miraculous, unexpected intervention for which I am forever grateful.

While taking a final exam during the summer session, I had received a call from my landlord with regard to a rent matter.  I was in an active job search and maintaining a solid GPA, but I was struggling financially and often uncertain how I was going to honor my immediate obligations. At that same time, I received an email from the Community Hub that was sent to me in error, but I felt prompted to contact the office for more information.

I learned that the Community Hub has organized on campus to address some very real immediate needs of students, such as transportation, food, and limited emergency financial resources that became available in my own time of need.  What appeared to be a misdirected email became timely intervention that circumvented disaster and what would have been considerable upheaval that ultimately would have impacted my studies. 

I am pleased to report that I am continuing on with my studies while working and will be forever grateful to the Community Hub for the timely assistance they provided in this student’s circumstances.

-- SUNY Adirondack student


"I am a single parent working part-time and a full-time student here at Suny Adirondack. Last week I was faced with a very difficult challenge -- my power was shut off. I had no idea where to go or who to talk to because this had never happened to me before. I had no idea where to go or who to talk to! After speaking to someone I was immediately set up to talk with Yasmin Lopez at the Hub. I was then given the name and phone number for a local consumer advocate through National Grid. The advocate was able to reduce some of the charges and put me on a payment plan for future payments while Yasmin helped me pay the amount to restore my power with emergency funding from the college for emergencies like mine. In a short time, they had my power back on for me and my son! Both women treated me with kindness and compassion, which really meant a lot to me. Now I know to go to the Hub and talk with Yasmin BEFORE there is a crisis and they will help me find the resources!

-- SUNY Adirondack student

The Community Hub's food source is really great. For a couple weeks now, I have used it and it has saved me $7-$15 on lunches at the school and even a $25-$30 stop to a grocery store. I was able to have breakfast and lunch on days I needed money for something more important that day. It has impacted me in a positive way and it has helped me save money for the long run. 

-- SUNY Adirondack student