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SUNY Adirondack is preparing the next generation of workers and business leaders for the region’s promising future – from the digital buzz of the Capital District’s Tech Valley to the serene vacationland of the Adirondacks.

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"JUST has made its relationship with SUNY Adirondack one of its earliest local priorities. As the area's leading educational resource, SUNY students, faculty and staff are all regular visitors to our facility as we seek to make JUST an extension of the campus and its learning objectives. In addition, JUST is working on ways to help SUNY Adirondack with its teaching on campus and development of new areas of study as it grows to meet its evolving mission of serving the needs of its students. As we seek to do with all our efforts, we strive to make a positive impact with SUNY Adirondack."

Jim Siplon

SUNY Adirondack means business.

The Adirondack Internship Partnership matches the region's brightest students with local businesses to support career readiness through experiential learning opportunities.

The program partners SUNY Adirondack with the Adirondack Regional Chamber of Commerce, Glens Falls Rotary, EDC Warren County, Glens Falls City School District, Queensbury UFSD and WSWHE BOCES.

Connect your business to SUNY Adirondack.

Our on-campus Business Central is a local center for regional economic development.

Find out how you can get involved on campus, take some training classes, speak to a group, develop customized curriculum for your business or hire interns.



Humans of SUNY ADK


SUNY Adirondack is a diverse community of individuals. Each student, faculty member and alumnus has an interesting tale to tell.

Humans of SUNY ADK is a multimedia project that documents the people of our campus through their own words.

A Year of Achievement

Major priorities for 2018-2019

  1. Launching several new degree programs and concentrations that include:
  1. Launching new software programs in support of improved course scheduling/room utilization/course offerings and retention/communication.
  • MY SUNYADK-student portal
  • STARFISH Retention Solutions
  1. Expansion of Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) through the support of SUNY grant funds to improve outcomes for students needing developmental English.
  1. Kicking off our Middle States Commission on Higher Education Self-Study in preparation for the reviewer’s site visit in spring of 2020.
  1. Launching a regional business planning competition and Business Incubator Program through Business Central.
  1. Opening new Culinary Center and student-run restaurant, Seasoned, in downtown Glens Falls at 14 Hudson Avenue.