Certificate of Residence

Home state advantage

When it comes to college, being a resident of New York state can help you save.

New York residents receive a considerable discount on in-state tuition at New York public colleges and universities.

To receive the benefits of in-state tuition, all students must complete a Certificate of Residence each year from their home county. Learn more about Certificates of Residence.

Certificate of Residence FAQs

New York State Education Law requires all students to show proof of residence upon enrolling in a community college.

A Certificate of Residence allows SUNY Adirondack to bill your home county for part of your tuition costs, which helps pay for your education. 


Each county offers a request form for a Certificate of Residence. Find your home county's form here.

Certificate of Residence forms can be completed no more than 60 days before the start of classes and no later than 30 days after the start of classes. New York state counties are only required to issue and honor Certificates of Residence within this timeframe. After the first 30 days of classes, most counties will no longer issue a Certificate of Residence, which means the student must pay non-resident tuition charges.


The validity of your certificate of residence is dependent upon the county you reside in.

Below are some scenarios that may be helpful to understanding the validity of your certificate of residence. If you have any questions please contact Student Accounts at studentaccounts@sunyacc.edu or 518-743-2266.
Most certificates are valid for one year based on semester (not by date)

If a certificate is submitted and then you do not attend - the certificate is void and is no longer valid, a new one would be needed.          

Certificate submitted

Valid thru

New certificate

Needed for


Fall 2022

Summer 2023

Fall 2023


Spring 2023

Winter 2024

Spring 2024


Winter 2024

Fall 2024

Winter 2025


Summer 2023

Spring 2024

Summer 2024






There are a few counties with exceptions such as NYC and Suffolk county

Once you have received the document from your county, the Certificate of Residence can be submitted, within 21 days of the start of classes, in one of several ways:

  • Scan and email to studentaccounts@sunyacc.edu 
  • Drop off In person at Bursar's/Student Accounts/Business Office, 640 Bay Road, Queensbury, or SUNY Adirondack Saratoga, 696 U.S. Route 9, Wilton
  • By mail to Bursar's/Student Accounts/Business Office, 640 Bay Road, Queensbury, NY 12804

New York State Education Law grants students 30 days from the start of classes to get a certificate from your home county.