Vision, Mission & Strategic Plan


Through our commitment to innovation, excellence and inclusion, we will be the  educational provider of choice and pathway to success for all.


SUNY Adirondack enriches and transforms lives and communities through accessible, lifelong educational opportunities.


1. Develop innovative programs and services 

Enhance program offerings and services to support diverse learners through innovative  strategies, use of technology, and flexible scheduling and delivery methods

2. Expand Enrollment  

Seek new student populations to expand credit and non-credit enrollment and invest in retention strategies that create equitable outcomes 

3. Champion Student Success 

Create and promote deeper partnerships and initiatives that lead students to transfer and employment success

4. Strengthen organizational capacity 

Increase the diversity of employees, improve investments in employee development and continue to streamline administrative work


With student success at the heart of our work, we believe in:

  • Lifelong Learning: Education is transformative through endless learning.
  • Thriving Communities: We are successful when we partner as a community, for the community.
  • Open Access: Higher education opportunities for all, inclusive of diverse backgrounds, ages, goals and learning styles.